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Sacramento Bee: Fight for Care, Not Assisted Suicide


Source: Sacramento Bee

By Marcos Breton

Sometimes you find yourself supporting a lost cause and fighting against friends from the wrong side of public opinion.

That’s me on the issue of assisted suicide in California, which is a pen stroke away from being signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown after being approved by both houses of the state Legislature.

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Sacramento Bee: Assisted Suicide Legislation: Read the Fine Print


Source: The Sacramento Bee

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Orange County Register: California Assisted Suicide Bill Opens Door to Abuse

Woman with arms raised celebrates her achievement and success in the sunshine even with her disabilities in a wheelchair.

Source: The Orange County Register

By: Joseph Perkins

The (California) state Senate last week approved the so-called End of Life Act, which would allow the terminally ill to obtain lethal medications with a doctor’s prescription.

The death-on-demand law is co-authored by Sens. Lois Wolk and Bill Monning, with the tacit blessing of the California Medical Association, which previously opposed physician-assisted suicide, but now is officially “neutral” on the issue.

Wolk insists that the End of Life Act “is a compassionate addition to the existing continuum of care that may be used by modern medicine at the end of life.” Monning maintains that the legislation will allow those with terminal diseases “the autonomy to approach death on their own terms.”

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