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Star-Ledger: I Was Given 4 Months to Live–Assisted Suicide Isn’t the Answer

Star Ledger

Source: Star-Ledger

By J.J. Hanson

I am a 30-something Marine Corps veteran who was given four months to live 20 months ago — diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer. I fought for treatment that was so difficult there were times when I questioned if the struggle was worth the pain. My experience is similar to that of thousands of New Jersey residents who every year face terminal diagnoses. Often, I wonder if I would still be alive if I had the legal assisted suicide drugs at my bedside when I was fighting through those difficult days.

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Washington Post: The Dangerously Contagious Effect of Assisted Suicide Laws


Source: Washington Post

By Aaron Kheriaty November 20

Aaron Kheriaty is an associate professor of psychiatry and director of the medical ethics program at the University of California at Irvine School of Medicine. This piece is adapted from a longer commentary that appeared in the Southern Medical Journal in October.

The debate over doctor-assisted suicide is often framed as an issue of personal autonomy and privacy. Proponents argue that assisted suicide should be legalized because it affects only those individuals who — assuming they are of sound mind — are making a rational and deliberate choice to end their lives. But presenting the issue in this way ignores the wider social consequences.

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Sacramento Bee: Fight for Care, Not Assisted Suicide


Source: Sacramento Bee

By Marcos Breton

Sometimes you find yourself supporting a lost cause and fighting against friends from the wrong side of public opinion.

That’s me on the issue of assisted suicide in California, which is a pen stroke away from being signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown after being approved by both houses of the state Legislature.

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Sacramento Bee: Assisted Suicide Legislation: Read the Fine Print


Source: The Sacramento Bee

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The Oklahoman: Laws Allowing Assisted Suicide Can Have Far-Reaching Impact

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Source: The Oklahoman

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board

AN effort to legalize “assisted suicide” in California has been put on hold. The rationales that caused California lawmakers to rethink the proposal deserve attention elsewhere.

This is especially true of arguments put forth by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a psychiatrist who is director of the Program in Medical Ethics at the University of California Irvine. Proponents of assisted suicide portray it as a humane solution for people in the last stages of painful, debilitating, terminal illnesses. But in a letter sent to California lawmakers, Kheriaty demonstrated that such laws can lead to death for a far wider, and often healthier, population.


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