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Delaware Online: Assisted Suicide Undermines Human Dignity

Doctor opposing assisted suicide

Source: Delaware Online

By: Michael DePietro

My extensive experience in dealing with dying patients leads me to oppose the legalization of assisted suicide. Legislation permitting assisted suicide is unnecessary to alleviate the distress of patients with terminal illness, and likely will precipitate harm to the sick and vulnerable.

It is important to make a distinction between physician-assisted suicide, where a doctor actively assists the patient in causing their own death, versus the commonly accepted practice of stopping or avoiding treatments that merely delay rather than reverse the dying process. The medical profession and society, including almost all religious traditions, recognize and endorse the patient’s broad legal right to decline medical treatments which are excessively burdensome and disproportionate to the potential benefits, even if doing so shortens the patient’s life.

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Quad City Times: Assisted Suicide is a Slippery Slope


Source: Quad City Times

By: Michael Vokt

Recently, I read the “guest view” of a retired hospice chaplain who strongly lobbied for choice in the “right to die” for anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness and facing a prognosis of future suffering as part of the dying process. As a local pastor for more than 30 years, I too have cared for many who were dying. The chaplain, the author of the Dec. 26th guest view is correct in stating that “dying is a natural part of life.” However, she is misguided and mistaken in saying that giving a person the choice to commit suicide is moral or right.

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Assisted Suicide Represents No Choice at All


Source: Real Clear Policy

By: Lawrence Carter-Long

Assisted suicide laws in the United States have all passed based on the assumption that a terminally ill person has less than six months to live. But the experience of many diagnosed with terminal illnesses force us to ask: What if this assumption is wrong?

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Pseudonym for Assisted Suicide Devalues Humanity

Elderly holding hands

Source: Times Union

By: Mike Volkman

The debate over assisted suicide continues. A bill has not passed in New York yet, but it keeps getting reintroduced every session in the legislature. Its proponents everywhere keep using a catchphrase, “death with dignity,” to describe it. They even use it as a title for it.

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Right to Die Can Become Duty to Die

PillsSource: Times Union

By: Susan M. Mathews

Last month, the New York state Court of Appeals dismissed a case filed by three terminally ill plaintiffs asking the court to declare a constitutional right to “aid in dying,” better known as assisted suicide. The judges wrote, “this Legislature … has concluded that an absolute ban on assisted suicide is the most reliable, effective, and administrative means of protecting against its dangers.”

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