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Buffalo News: “Aid in Dying” Just a Euphemism for Assisted Suicide

Source: Buffalo News

By Philip Reed

Last week, a New York Appellate Court unanimously ruled that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide. This decision echoed two U.S. Supreme Court cases nearly 20 years earlier, in which the court ruled, also unanimously, that a ban on assisted suicide expresses a legitimate government interest in preserving life.

Proponents of the right to die pressed their case two decades later on the grounds that laws prohibiting assisted suicide do not apply to physicians helping terminally ill patients end their lives because this practice is not assisted suicide. Instead, it is “aid in dying.”

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National Post: Assisted Suicide Makes Us Complicit in Another’s Death


Source: National Post

By: Andrew Coyne

By now it should be clear what assisted suicide is not about. It is not about the right of mentally competent adults to end their own lives, or to refuse treatment that might save it: that right has long existed, and is not in question.

Indeed, it is not about mentally competent adults, suffering unendurable pain at the end of their lives, at all. That may be how most people imagine the issue, and may be how it is still justified by those who have not been paying attention. It may even be, for now, the limits set out in Bill C-14, federal legislation authorizing “medical assistance in dying.”

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Assisted Suicide Bills Riddled with Falsehoods

Not Dead Yet

By John Kelly

On March 29, Not Dead Yet New England Regional Coordinator and Second Thoughts Massachusetts Director John Kelly testified against New Hampshire Bill SB426, which would establish an “end-of-life choices study commission.” Using the euphemisms of proponents like Compassion & Choices against the bill, John lists the ways in which the bill is “riddled with falsehoods.”

Excellent opposition testimony was also delivered by doctors Paul Saba and Richard Johnson, and former New Hampshire legislator Nancy Elliott. Below are excerpts from John’s testimony:

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Star Tribune: Assisted Suicide is an Idea That Loses Appeal as It Becomes Tangible

Source: Star-Tribune

By: Charles Camosy

March 15, 2016

On Wednesday, the Minnesota Senate’s Health, Human Services and Housing Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on a measure called the Minnesota Compassionate Care Act (SF 1880). This bill would allow doctors to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients. Those patients would then have the option to ingest the drugs and kill themselves. SF 1880 is sponsored by a group of DFL legislators, led by Sen. Chris Eaton of Brooklyn Center, who claims that assisted suicide enjoys “overwhelming support” from the American public.

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The Tribune: Lawmakers Should Reject Assisted Suicide Proposals

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Source: The Tribune, Greeley and Weld County, CO

By: William Bolthouse

I have the privilege of serving poor and uninsured patients in my practice at the Inner City Health Center in Denver. Besides my medical education, one of the greatest assets I have in this important work is the trust I have with my patients. Legislation introduced in the Colorado State Legislature to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide undermines that trust. If this bill becomes law, it changes the relationship between doctor and patient from one of curing and caring, to something quite different.

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