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Palliative Care Patients Rarely Ask for Euthanasia

HandsSource: Mercatornet

Last month palliative care specialist Ghauri Aggarwal spoke at a seminar on palliative care and assisted dying organised by MercatorNet at the New South Wales Parliament building. This is a slightly abridged version of her presentation. 


We are lucky to live in the 21st Century. Curing and prevention of disease and prolongation of life are achievable. We look to medicine to save our lives and to live longer.

The consequence, however, is that the community expects this, even demands this. And if it is not available they are terrified.

What is it that they are terrified of? Dying badly, dying without control.

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Right to Die Can Become Duty to Die

PillsSource: Times Union

By: Susan M. Mathews

Last month, the New York state Court of Appeals dismissed a case filed by three terminally ill plaintiffs asking the court to declare a constitutional right to “aid in dying,” better known as assisted suicide. The judges wrote, “this Legislature … has concluded that an absolute ban on assisted suicide is the most reliable, effective, and administrative means of protecting against its dangers.”

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“Terminal” Can Mean Life Left to Live

JJ Hanson & family

Source: Boston Herald

By: J.J. Hanson

Proponents of assisted suicide are turning up the pressure in many states to legalize the dangerous practice. What began in a few places, has become an onslaught of bills introduced — 29 states this year alone. Fortunately most have been defeated. Now assisted-suicide proponents have their set their sights on Massachusetts.

Legalizing assisted suicide would destroy essential protections and care that patients like me depend on as we continue to fight life-threatening illnesses.

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