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The Tribune: Lawmakers Should Reject Assisted Suicide Proposals

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Source: The Tribune, Greeley and Weld County, CO

By: William Bolthouse

I have the privilege of serving poor and uninsured patients in my practice at the Inner City Health Center in Denver. Besides my medical education, one of the greatest assets I have in this important work is the trust I have with my patients. Legislation introduced in the Colorado State Legislature to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide undermines that trust. If this bill becomes law, it changes the relationship between doctor and patient from one of curing and caring, to something quite different.

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Pueblo Chieftain: I Choose to Live! The Case Against Assisted Suicide

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Source:  The Pueblo Chieftain

By: Anita Cameron

Editor’s note: The Colorado General Assembly is considering House Bill 16-1054, which would allow assisted suicides in the state. According to Colorado’s legislative website: “The bill enacts the ‘Colorado End-of-life Options Act’ …, which authorizes an individual with a terminal illness to request, and the individual’s attending physician to prescribe to the individual, medication to hasten the individual’s death. To be qualified to request aid-in-dying medication, an individual must be a capable adult resident of Colorado who has a terminal illness and has voluntarily expressed the wish to receive a prescription for aid-in-dying medication by making two oral requests and a written request to his or her attending physician. An individual who requests aid-in-dying medication may rescind the request at any time, regardless of his or her mental state. The act outlines the responsibilities of the attending physician.”

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